Meet Stress Fighter

Stress Fighter is a clinically dosed blend of adaptogenic herbs and amino acids that supports healthy hormones while giving you the energy boost you need to conquer your day!

Supports Healthy Cortisol Levels
Helps Reduce Stress Symptoms
Enhances Energy and Mood
Improves Sleep Quality


I am a mom of 2, business owner, crossfitter and runner. I am always on the move and certainly very conscious of what I put into my body. I am extremely happy with stress fighter! Kudos to the team for full transparency and going above and beyond!


I’ve been taking this supplement for just under two weeks and I already notice significantly less fatigue, better sleep and less irritability. I Can’t wait until REBL Jane has more products to try.


What is REBL Jane?

What is REBL Jane?

We are REBL Jane. A transparent nutrition brand that was created for the Modern Woman. Our products were carefully designed to help you optimize your body and mind with clean, good-for-you ingredients. We are for the leaders. The entrepreneurs. The mothers. The visionaries. The CEOs. The humble hustlers.

We are for YOU.

Meet A Few Raving REBLs

The core of REBL Jane is the community of Modern Women who we collectively call Raving REBLs. Raving REBLs embody what it means to be a REBL (and they don’t remember life before Stress Fighter)! 

Rachel - Founder Fitness Festival Events, Transformation Coach

What is your personal definition of the Modern Woman?
To me a Modern Woman goes after what she wants with no apologies.

Who is your rebel role model?
Heidi Powell does it all and with love and a little bit of badass. She knows what she wants in life and goes after it while being an awesome mom and wife.

How does stress fighter help conquer your day?
Takes the edge off a sometimes very overwhelming busy day.

Susan - Founder She She Beauty Lounge, Clean Beauty Advocate

What is your personal definition of the Modern Woman?
The modern woman is working everyday on herself to level up in life because we believe YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! As our world is changing around us so is the modern woman. We are the women of the world that are doing all the things while also trying to carve out an identity and purpose for ourselves. We have families and feel the weight of being entrepreneurs, mom, wife, friend and beyond.

Who is your rebel role model?
Any woman who faces life with courage is a role model to me. Nothing about parenting or entrepreneurship is easy so I am fascinated by women of all walks of life that show up with courage and also use their voice to help other women in the world trying to make their way. Jacki Carr, Jenna Kutcher and Sarah Nicole Landry are just a few of the gals that I love to watch empower other women!

How does stress fighter help conquer your day?
I've learned stress is a norm when you are juggling massive amounts of responsibility so I'm grateful for my daily workouts and Stress Fighter to take the edge off. Choosing a supplement can be tricky but I love the transparency of REBL Jane as well as the effect it has on my approach to the day ahead.

Noelle – Founder Silx Global

What is your personal definition of the Modern Woman?
Being able to pursue your dreams and aspirations without the fear or limitation from the outside world. In other words: "Society.. gender... traditionalism" doesn’t get to tell me what I can and can’t do. I will pursue my inner calling with confidence & boldness not only for myself but for the generation of women who are right behind me including my two daughters who watch my every move.

Who is your rebel role model?
Sara Blakely: founder of SPANX. She saw a void in her industry and decided to create what hadn’t been created... do what hadn’t been done. People doubted her in the beginning but she forged ahead and created the brand SPANX which is now a household name and billion dollar industry. She’s innovative, bold, unapologetically herself and on top of that, she is down to earth. I love it!!!

How does stress fighter help conquer your day?
Natural stress fighting remedies are very important to me. I am faced with so many decisions on a daily basis that it’s easy for me to get stressed out. I need something natural that is not going to alter who I am as a person while still giving me the benefits of stress relief. It’s great to be able to have a “go-to” supplement that hits the mark on so many levels.

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