"Clean Beauty" is all the buzz right now, but what does it really mean and why does it really matter?

Great question and I get it!  As someone who's worked in the clean beauty/clean living space for over 5 years now I understand that there's an overwhelming amount of information out there and it's hard to know who/what brands to trust!

As consumers, we assume our government is looking out for us and that the personal care products sold in our country are safe for us and our families - but that's not exactly the case.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has little regulatory authority or oversight when it comes to the beauty industry - which includes marketing claims (words like "natural" or "non-toxic") or the ingredients used.

The good news is that there are companies out there doing the right thing, due to the oversight and total lack of transparency in the industry. They are putting the consumer's health first and ditching the hormone disrupting chemicals and carcinogenic ingredients that are too commonly found in our everyday cosmetics and personal care products.

So what are some of our favorite products + most trusted brands in the beauty space?  Keep reading as we share our 5 favorite clean beauty swaps!

1) Deodorant from Primally Pure 

Made with good-for-you ingredients including grass-fed tallow, fair trade coconut oil, pure essential oils and other organic ingredients.

Many conventional deodorants on the market contain parabens (which has been closely linked to hormone disruption + breast cancer, aluminum (blocks your pores to prevent sweat) and Fragrance (a chemical sh*t storm of 3,000+ ingredients + countless health concerns).

Read more here (https://blog.primallypure.com/ugly-truth-behind-drugstore-deodorant-what-you-should-use-instead/)

Primally pure deodorant

2)  Hydrating Citrus Mimosa Body Lotion from Beautycounter 

Healthy Skin from Head to Toe!

Because switching over to a clean routine can be a gradual (and sometimes overwhelming process) - we suggest starting with products that stay on your skin for longer periods of time.  Think body lotions, foundations, moisturizers, etc.!

And Gosh we love Beautycounter for paving the way and setting the standard in clean beauty!  From their Neverlist, which includes over 1500 questionable ingredients that you'll never find in their formulations, their advocacy - yep...they walk the walk, their dedication to research and testing, sustainability and more!  It's no wonder they were the most googled beauty brand of 2018!

 Beautycounter citrus mimosa body lotion

3) Nail Polish - Cote

Did you know there are ingredients in nail polishes with links to reproductive issues, impaired breathing, cancer, allergies and more? (I know, right? WTF!)

What we love about Cote is their dedication to being a "10-Free" company meaning their polishes are free from the major toxins often associated with nail polish.  This means you get all the chip-resistant, long lasting shine without sacrificing your health!  And we can't leave out that their colors are ALWAYS on trend!

Link to cote fingernail polish

4) Toothpaste - Schmidt's Activated Charcoal With Wondermint Tooth + Mouth Paste!

This cool, minty toothpaste is one of Schmidt's most popular and we get why!  They use activated charcoal, but without the messy black paste. Free from harsh additives like SLS, artificial sweeteners and dyes.  

Schmidt's Activated Charcoal Tooth And Mouth Paste

5) Makeup Must-have - Beautycounter's Best-Selling Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer + SPF 20 

Once again, we're giving some major love back to Beautycounter and their cosmetics.  They are changing the game in terms of safety AND performance. Because makeup should be good for you too right?  

This tinted moisturizer can be used daily alone or on top of your moisturizer.  If you're looking for more coverage - we recommend their Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation!

Beautycounter dew skin tinted moisterizer


To learn more about clean beauty visit (www.thecleanbeautyconfidential.com) or follow Morgan on Instagram at @clean.beauty.boss


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